1. What do I do when my battery is on but it is not giving me vapor?

Ensure there is a connection made between the battery and the tank. It might be necessary to adjust the battery’s male end by carefully lifting it with a pin.

2. How do i clean my tank?

The best way to clean the tank is to untwist it from the battery, and run it through hot water.  This will allow the oil to be washed away.   You can clean out the draft hole as well with water, just make sure to blow the excess water out and let it dry before using it for vaping again.

3. How do I lock and unlock my battery?

The battery is packed in the “locked” position. To unlock the battery, push the button 5 times quickly. Repeat this step to lock the battery again. Maintain the battery in the “locked” position while not in use.

4. How do I charge my battery?

Simply unscrew the tank from the battery. Screw it into a Vapor-Blends approved USB or wall charger. When you do this the charger light will turn red, when fully charged, the light will turn green. Do not leave the battery charging for longer than two (2) hours. Do not leave charging unattended.

5. What is the proper way to store the Vapor-Blends battery?

Do not store Vapor-Blends battery in your pocket or somewhere it can bend. While connected to the tank, it is wise to maintain your battery upright. Accessorize with the Vapor-Blends lanyard to keep your setup more safe and accessible.